What are we waiting for?

What are we waiting for? Someone else to make decisions for us? Someone else to “fix” and solve our problems and our entire world?

Who is anyone? Who are they?

The question is what do we want? We who live and breathe on this earth. Do we want our lives to revolve around money power and material things?

It is always easy to give someone else responsibility for the way we live, subliminal our responsibility to someone else. But if this method is so good, why are we angry, bitter and have a strong sense of disappointment and abandonment.

Choosing politician by ideology, well, it’s natural, we learn about the different ideologies in school.

We become politically aware, politically confident. We believe in something. Feel connected participatory sense of joy and deeper understanding of what democracy means just for me.

We are participating.

We are part of society.

We vote.

We are awake.

But as discontent grows, the conviction wavers, affinity replaced with uncertainty.

Anger, disappointment and dissatisfaction are taking over our lives. We are no longer involved but, we are observer looking in from the outside. Our political consciousness replaced with uncertainty.

Politics is based on innovation and tradition. We go to the polls to see a change, we believe in something we are politically conscious, politically confident that those we vote for will deliver what we have chosen to believe. Hence our vote. A state of renewal and credibility.

But if nothing new is created, the community are not vitalized, the feeling of betrayal by politicians and officials and banks.

Awareness replaced with uncertainty, credibility has been replaced by disappointment and contempt.

What happens now?

Dissatisfaction is growing, the hatred grows, and we are no longer part of something. We are disappointed.

What can we do?

Easy, we change lifestyle.

We can choose.

Away with the old politicians and old promises. That cannot be realized.

For that nothing lasts forever.




Hatred, dissatisfaction and contempt can be changed. Switch it off; keep the things that give positivity.

Why be angry and disappointed as I am aware, I can also do something about it.


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